SI ‘ERI’ held the seminar for young scientists and specialists on February 27, 2018

On February 27, 2018, the Conference Room of the SI ‘Economic Research Institute’ hosted the seminar for young scientists and specialists with two reports presented.

Alexey Shmatko, the research associate of the financial and economic research department at the SI ‘ERI’, delivered the report on “Financial technology as a tool for ensuring interaction between financial institutions and enterprises”.

The report made special focus on analyzing the international fintech market. The audience paid considerable attention to the detalization of such notions as financial technologies, neobanks, insuretech, etc.

Also, the seminar welcomed the report on “Global financial and economic crises: lessons for Russia” delivered by Darina Ilyina, the student of the section “Banking and Finance” at the part-time school “Donetsk Junior Academy of Sciences”.