The Institute of Economic Research is the successor to the Institute of Industrial Economics NAS of Ukraine, which was established in 1959 as a branch of Industrial Economics of Donetsk Economic Council for the implementation of the basic and applied research to produce new scientific knowledge, to promote scientific and technological progress, socioeconomic and spiritual development of society, and to address the most important for the economy of Donbass strategic issues.

During its existence the Institute of Industrial Economics has become one of the largest economic centers, which gave birth to the Donbass economic and legal schools. The scientists of the Institute participated in the development and preparation of various policy documents, the most significant of which for the past two decades include:

  • Donetsk region until 2020, the scientific and technological development programme;
  • The strategy of increasing the competitiveness of the Donetsk region («Donbass – 2025: Future Strategy»);
  • Donetsk region until 2020, innovative development concept.

sections in:

  • the projects of Commercial, Fiscal, Tax, Commercial Procedure, and Labour Codes;
  • The Law of Ukraine «On Labour Protection», «On wage», «On Collective Contracts and Agreements», «On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees» and many others.