Media Coverage

On April 12, 2017

Oplot Donbassa: “Triumph of Science: the results of the First Republican Conference of the Young Economic Scientists”

On April 06, 2017

Patriotic Forces of Donbass: “The industry of the Donetsk People’s Republic: what to expect? Nationalization, state planning or retreat?”

On March 24, 2017

TV Channel ‘Union’: “Ukrainian economic warfare and the temporary administrations over the enterprises in the Donetsk People’s Republic”

On March 14, 2017

Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR: “The Ministry of Education and Science held the meeting of the Social Partnership Council”

On March 13, 2017

Donetsk News Agency: “The introduction of the temporary administrations in the Donetsk People’s Republic minimizes the negative effects of the Donbass economic warfare – expert”

On March 10, 2017

TV Channel ‘Union’: “The prospective of the telecommunication services in the Donetsk People’s Republic”. 10.03.2017, “Political Kitchen” programme.

On March 03, 2017

TV Channel ‘Union’: “Political Kitchen” programme

On February 20, 2017

Donetsk News Agency: “The economic development of the Donetsk People’s Republic got to the new level through the collaboration with the scientific elite –V. Romanyuk”

On February 18, 2017

Donetsk News Agency: “In 2016, the academic economists of the DPR participated in 50 international and local conferences”

On February 17, 2017

TV Channel ‘Union’: “Economic warfare of Donbass” from the “veterans of the anti-terrorist operation. 12.02.2017, ‘Political Kitchen’ Programme.

On February 8, 2017

TV Channel ‘Union’: “Standards of living in the DPR. Economic development. What have we got 3 years later? “The Law”

On January 31, 2017

TV Channel ‘Union’: “Education system reforms. Professional orientation. State Final Examination. 31.01.2017, ‘Three minutes to answer’ Programme”

On December 17, 2016

Novorossia TV: “Developing a legal mechanism of restoring the abandoned enterprises in the Donetsk People’s Republic”

On October 11, 2016

Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR: “The topical issues of the Republic’s economic development were discussed at the meeting of the Science Council at the Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR”

On September 29, 2016

Novorossia TV: “The new law facilitates the work of entrepreneurs”

On September 11, 2016

Novorossia TV: “End of the week. 11 September 2016”, the IER representatives’ comments at 27:11 – 28:43.

On September 7, 2016

TV Channel “Union”: “The DPR fights against corruption. 07.09.2016, “The Law”, the IER representatives’ comments at 10:55 – 13:41.

On September 2, 2016

Donetsk News Agency: “The default in Ukraine is just a matter of time now, but it will not affect the DPR economy directly – experts”

On August 25, 2016

TV Channel “Pervii Respublikanskiy Telekanal”: “Prices for public utilities and foodstuffs in Ukraine continue to grow”

On August 4, 2016

TV Channel “Union”: “The budget of the DPR. Planning, replenishment and expenditure control. 04.08.2016, “Pulse of events”

On February 2, 2016

Donetsk News Agency: «Russian scientists will organize a series of online lectures on preparing scientific papers in accordance to the Russian standards for their DPR colleagues”

TV Channel “Oplot TV”: “The workshop on preparing and defending a thesis”

TV Channel “Union”: “Noon Newscast. 02.02.2016, “Panorama»”, at 8:33-10:08.