Welcome to study in doctorate school 2017

State Institution “Institute of Economic Research” announces reception in doctorate in 2017 year.

Mode of study: full-time — 3 years. The list of directions and specialties are determined in accordance with the decision of the Accreditation Board on May 5, 2016, Minutes № 9.

Code and names of areas of training

Code and title for scientists Educational level

38.06.01 – Economics

08.00.05 – Economy and management of a national economy (by industry sectors of activity, including economics, organization and management of enterprises, branches, complexes; innovation management; regional economics, labor economics population; economy business, marketing; management; pricing, economic security; Standardization and product quality control; land management, recreation and tourism) staff of the top skills

38.06.01 – Economics

08.00.10 – Finance, money circulation and credit staff of the top skills

Admission documents, competitive selection and admission to doctoral studies are carried out within the Institute of time and in accordance with the Regulations on the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff in the system of additional professional education (graduate school (postgraduate), Doctorate), approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Donetsk People’s Republic 07 August 2015 number 385.

Estimated figures of reception can be found here.

Reception of documents is carried out at the following address: 283048, Donetsk, 77 Universitetskaya Str. (room 206).

Telephone: (062) 311 42 90

E-mail: post-graduate@econri.org