Institute’s Jubilee

On July 3, 2019 года the State Institution «Economic Research Institute» celebrates its 50th anniversary.

On July 3, 1969 the Department of Industrial Economics of the Donetsk Council of National Economy was transformed into an independent Institute, the successor of which is the Economic Research Institute.

During its existence, the Institute has become one of the largest scientific centers, giving rise to the economic and legal schools of Donbass.

Over the years, the Institute was headed by outstanding scientists, namely: Alexander Nikolaevich Alymov Valentin Karlovich Mamutov Nikolay Grigoryevich ChumachenkoAlexander Ivanovich Amosha, Alexey Vladimirovich Polovyan.

The number of scientific events and organizational activities dedicated to the Institute’s Jubilee has been scheduled for October 2019.

Details on the scheduled events will be announced later.