Seminar №1 on “Modern technologies and tools of web development”

SI Economic Research Institute

Department of Information Technology for Economic Research

«Modern technologies and tool of web development”



1. Structure of networking applications
2. Frontend of a networking application
3. Backend of a networking application
4. Data storage
5. Data communication paths. Data security
6. Methodologies of software development. Development tools
7. Git version control system. GitLab service
8. Frontend application development. JavaScript, HTML, CSS
9. Backend application development. JavaScript, Node.js, Express
10. Backend application development. PostreSQL data base management system
11. Software testing
12. Networking application deployment

Moderators: Vitaliy Nespirnyy (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Igor Basov.

The 1st session will be held at the conference room of the SI ‘Economic Research Institute’ on January 24, 2018, @ 2 p.m.

The event welcomes the members of the Department of information technology for economic research, graduate and postgraduate students of higher vocational education establishments, specializing in information technologies and programming, as well as the researchers and engineering technicians from academic institutions of the Donetsk People’s Republic and all interested.